Quality and innovation since 1843

The history of the Maschinenfabrik Seydelmann goes back to the mid of the 19th century.
1843 the company’s founder Andreas Seydelmann applied for a certificate to obtain the master title, as well as an approval for establishing a metal workshop in Aalen/Germany. He designed, built and sold most of the machines requested by customers, including steam engines, water pumps for fire fighting and gas motors.

Maschinenfabrik Seydelmann in the 19th century
In 1880 the company was continued by his son Louis Seydelmann who moved the seat of the company from the town centre to the outskirts. Since the former production facility was located next to the slaughterhouse of Aalen, Louis Seydelmann always had a close contact to the local butchers. In 1886 they asked him to build a machine which would simplify the meat chopping process for sausage production. Consequently he transformed a former cloth milling machine into a stationary water powered chopping machine, which was then used by the butchers of the region for chopping their meat.
This chopping machine provided the base for the Seydelmann meat processing machinery.

In 1910 the next company owner, also called Louis Seydelmann, built his first transmission driven grinder and cutter. At this time butchers still used a primitive chopping machine which was only capable of doing a few cuts per minute. The Seydelmann cutter was regarded as revolutionary, as it was capable of performing 800 rounds per minute. This dramatically simplified the work for the butchers.
This was the beginning of Seydelmann as the world leading manufacturer of machines and equipment for the food industry.

Exposition of historical machines
After the Second World War the range of production was concentrated on the manufacturing of cutters and grinders. Seydelmann also made a name for producing tools and machine tools, smoke- and cook-houses as well as shop- and slaughterhouse-equipment.

After many companies disappeared from the market as a result of the Second World War, Seydelmann expand from a national to an internationally renowned and world wide active company under the management of the brothers Ludwig Seydelmann and Horst Seydelmann.

While Ludwig Seydelmann concentrated on sales from the headquarters in Stuttgart/Germany, Horst Seydelmann was responsible for constructing and producing the then groundbreaking machinery in the factory in Aalen.

After the death of Ludwig Seydelmann in 1992 Peter Seydelmann succeeded to his father’s position.

Today the name Seydelmann stands for highest quality and innovation. The reason therefore are lots of developments such as the first cutter with stainless steel bowl (1961), the patented separating set, which was responsible for a dramatic increase in the use of the grinder world wide (1968), the development of cooking and vacuum cutters (1971-1973) or the construction of the worlds largest cutter with a bowl content of 1200 litres (1975).

Here please find further milestones of the Maschinenfabrik Seydelmann:

Construction of the then novel Super-Cutter and Grinder-Automat with integrated motor, v-belt and chain drive.

Under the motto „shop fitting with swing” Seydelmann also celebrates great successes with the interior fitting of butcheries due to latest techniques in creative design.

1954 – 1957
Enlargement of the range of products to Super-Cutter up to 475 litre bowl content and grinders up to 200 mm hole plate diameter.

Further development to the RASANT-Cutter with boosted 2-speed motors – the first high-speed-cutter was developed.

At that time revolutionary use of stainless steel for the cover.

Seydelmann machines were built with hydraulic loading devices and the first fully programmable cutter with programme control was delivered to the company Schweißfurt in Dachau/Germany.

Seydelmann demonstrates his pioneering task on the market again and delivers the first cutter with a bowl completely made from stainless steel.

The first ULTRA-cutters with mixing speeds were built – an invention made for considerable ease of work and rationalisation.

All the outer surfaces of Seydelmann cutters and grinders were cased with stainless steel.

Construction of the then worldwide biggest cutter with 750 l bowl content – the machine is delivered to a customer in Canada.

Development of the Mixer-Grinder especially for the hamburger production in America. The sensational success of the machines leads to the export of total large-volume productions in the USA.

Introduction of Mixing-Grinders in the machinery programme.

With the development of the separating set all Seydelmann grinders can now be used as separating grinders. The launch of the patented separating set brings a fundamental ease of work and time saving with the manufacturing of meat containing gristle and sinew.

The first automatic grinders with 300 and 400 mm hole plate diameters are leaving the factory of Seydelmann. The large dimension of the machines opens up a new era concerning capacity, power and output of grinders.

Latest meat technology research findings lead to the development of the vacuum cutter. The brilliant construction of the Seydelmann vacuum-cutter is patent- protected.

Seydelmann launches the first cooking-cutter. The innovative cooked-sausage production process brings an enormous quality advance to the first customers.

Seydelmann produces the world’s largest bowl cutter with 1200 litre bowl content! This machine combines all of the advantages in Seydelmann cutters with huge throughput and total automation.

A totally new principle for grinding frozen meat is launched with the Seydelmann Frozen Meat Grinder GW 300. With the integrated torque converter the machine sustains even the hardest demands when grinding frozen meat.

Launch of the Seydelmann DC-cutter generation and with it the high-speed cutter technology. Seydelmann makes the fastest cutters even faster again adding an additional half the speed and hereby enters the borderland of engineering and creates a new high-speed standard.

All Seydelmann cutters are from now on equipped with a massive stainless steel machine body. A new benchmark in machine robustness and hygiene.

Seydelmann presents a Mixer-line with 1.000 up to 5.000 litre hopper capacity.

Large expansion of the Seydelmann design and project planning department. State-of-the-art EU-meat processing factories are developed from Seydelmann technologists and engineers by latest CAD-technique for customers all over the world.

Seydelmann Vacuum-Mixers with 600, 1.000, 1.300, 1.800, 2.500 and 3.500 litre hopper capacity come on the market.

Seydelmann launches the first cutters with frequency controlled drives. The new maintenance free AC-Cutter stands for highest knife-speeds, effective applications and electricity savings.

The new Konti-Kutter KK 250 AC-6 is presented on IFFA 2001 to the public for the first time. Furthermore Seydelmann now offers complete production lines.

The extra quite Cutters K 62 and K 122, the High-Efficiency Cutter K 160 as well as the new Automatic Mixing-Grinders were presented on IFFA 2004.

On IFFA 2007 Seydelmann presented lots of innovations. The new Konti-Kutter KK 140 AC-6, the Automatic Mixing-Grinder AM 130 as well as the High-Efficiency Cutter K 124 and K 126 were presented to the trade visitors.

Presentation of five brand new High Efficiency Machines as well as of the innovative Seydelmann Controls.

Purchase of more than 8500 m² of additional property for the planned expansion of our premises.