Butchery Cutters


Butchery Cutters (20-120 l bowl capacity)

Seydelmann manufactures butchery Cutters in sizes between 20 and 120 l bowl capacity. The high-speed machines guarantee first-class chopping of materials and homogeneous mixing.

The compact, seamless and essentially solid stainless steel design with rounded edges and polished, downward sloping surfaces, make Seydelmann Cutters robust, long-lasting and practicable top-class products.

High-Efficiency Cutters

Video K 60 AC-8 (with AD 114)


Information on Vacuum-Cutters

With Vacuum-Cutters, air is extracted during the cutting process. The avoidance of oxygen entry inhibits the propagation of microorganisms in the emulsion and reduces bacteria content. The product’s shelf life is extended. Fat oxidation is also avoided through the removal of atmospheric oxygen. This way, the color of the sausage is optimized, so that it appears fresh and appetizing for a longer period of time.


Because the density of the chopped mass increases under vacuum, even the smallest cell clusters are captured by the knives. On the one hand, the emulsion becomes even finer, more homogeneous

and absolutely free from foam, while on the other hand, considerably more protein is broken down. The increased protein yield allows more substances supplying flavor to be released and increases the binding and stability of the emulsion. More water can be added. The finished sausage has a more intensive flavor, a firmer bite and higher fills become possible.


The special design principle of the Seydelmann Cutters, with small air space between the emulsion and the underside of the cover allows vacuum extraction in the shortest time and requires a very low gas volume for re-gassing.


Information on Cooking-Cutters

The cooking function saves production time because cooking and cutting take place in one working step. Additional components, e.g. cover heating or direct steam injection, help to shorten the operation time even more.


Flavor, aroma and proteins that are lost when cooking in water are fully retained in the Cooking-Cutter.

A loss of substance is also avoided when cooking in the cutter.


Furthermore, by avoiding different operations and by cooking under air exclusion, the bacteria content of the emulsion is reduced significantly. The end product retains its natural, authentic flavor and its shelf life is extended.


Information on Vacuum-Cooking-Cutter

High-Efficiency Cutters equipped with a vacuum function and a cooking function.

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