Industrial Grinders


Industrial Grinders

Seydelmann Industrial Grinders are convincing in the processing of large quantities due to an absolutely clear cut. Due to the high-quality workmanship, they are easy to clean and meet the highest hygiene requirements. The seamless and gap-free welding and the solid, stainless steel design of the machine frame and the hopper, make the machines

robust, reliable and long-lasting.

The standard worm ejector ensures fast replacement of the working worm. Additional, well thought-out details, such as the mirror attached to the hopper, the fold-away safety step and the robust buttons, rotary knobs and cross switches on the control panel make them practicable and simple to use.

Universal Grinders

Information about Universal Grinders

For the first time, a machine uses the same working worm and the same cutting set to grind diverse materials and guarantees the best possible cut with very effective hourly output.


Seydelmann Universal Grinders effortlessly process

fresh meat, cooked meat up to 85 °C, rinds, blocks of fat and also blocks of frozen meat down to -25 °C and other food products, regardless of their consistency and temperature. Various consistencies, e.g. fresh and frozen food, can be processed simultaneously or alternately.


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Automatic Grinders

Information about Automatic Grinders

The working worm and the feeding worm of the Automatic Grinders each have a two-speed or three-speed drive. To achieve the best possible cut with each material, the speeds of the worms
can be switched separately from one another. The conical feed worm also holds large pieces of meat and transports them safely to the work worm without forming bridges.

Automatic Grinders K

Information about Automatic Grinders K

The Automatic Grinders K are specifically tailored to the requirements of the cheese and butter industry. They have a special feed worm that has crushing teeth in order to hold the product better. In reverse mode, the feed worm can
easily correct awkwardly positioned material in the hopper, particularly with bulky or very large blocks. The hopper geometry and the locking nuts are specifically designed for this field of application.

Automatic Mixing Grinders

Information about Automatic Mixing Grinders

In addition to the grinder function, this model of the Seydelmann Automatic Grinders has a mixing unit with either a mixing spiral or mixing paddles, with two forward speeds and two backward speeds.
If the material is usually pre-mixed prior to grinding, the Automatic Mixing Grinders, which combine both functions in one machine, are the ideal solution.

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Mixing Grinders

Information about Mixing Grinders

In addition to the grinder function, the Mixing Grinder is equipped with a mixing unit, either with powerful mixing arms or with mixing paddles. The material can be combined with ingredients and spices prior to grinding. The two-speed work worm, which is equipped with its own short-term reverse mode, ensures that even the smallest
quantities of mixing product are mixed.


Mixing Grinders are frequently used as Grinders for pre-ground material and material that needs to be ground again / mixed again. At the same time, they can also mix and standardize the material prior to initial grinding.


Frozen Meat Grinders

Information about Frozen Meat Grinders

For chopping whole blocks of frozen meat, a strong drive, a more powerful work worm and a more robust knife set are necessary. The Frozen Meat Grinders by Seydelmann, with an extra-powerful motor, guarantee a perfect cut when chopping whole blocks down to -25 °C.
The initial chopping in the Frozen Meat Grinders already takes place in the hopper by the work worm. It has an elongated, ground thread, which peels off approx. 8 cm from the frozen block with each rotation, before transporting the material into the knife set.