The awarding of the Best Image Award 2016

The Maschinenfabrik Seydelmann KG was praised by the allgemeinen Fleischer zeitung (afz) and the Fleisch Wirtschaft with the Best Image Award 2016 in the category of Cutters. Butcher and representatives of the meat processing industry were questioned throughout Germany. Based on a question catalogue the interviewed representatives rated the biggest producers of Cutters. The special attention of the judging criteria were focused on the quality of the Cutters, their efficiency as well as their price-quality ratio. Thereby substantial differences between artisan and industry were recognized. While the industry is focused on a good customer service, the interviewed representatives of the artisans set up for solid and durable machines.

The results show the sustainable, good reputation of high-performance Seydelmann Cutter. The whole Seydelmann team is working on the preservation of the customer satisfaction conserves since 6 generations and based on further innovations wants to continue as a pacemaker in the meat industry.