IFFA 2016 – A sausage kitchen in clear view

Every year the IFFA makes the fairgoers’ hearts beat faster. The Maschinenfabrik Seydelmann KG plays a significant role in that and works hard to keep it that way for the coming years. New and exciting ideas keep drawing the attention of the visitors and offer a good opportunity to stop by our fair stand. Seydelmann has once again thought of something new for this year and proudly presented their machines working in a sausage kitchen made of glas. In cooperation with a colleague from company Vemag and its filler the Seydelmann food technologists put their skills on display and presented the “butcher dream team” consisting of an automatic grinder, the AD 114, and the high efficiency cutter K 60 AC-8. Three times a day curious visitors were able to watch the production of meatloaf live. At the beginning the raw meat was freed from gristles and minced with the help of the automatic grinder AD 114 and a separating set resulting in minced meat of consistent size with a clear cut. The meat was then put into the high efficiency cutter. While adding ice and spices a dense emulsion was quickly formed thanks to the high knife speed of the K 60 AC-8. The whole show was accompanied by a presentation from the food technologists explaining every single step and procedure. Afterwards the filler was used to precisely fill the sausage meat into small 30-gram bowls. Naturally, sampling the finished meatloaf fresh from the oven was the final event to finish each of the shows.

With the museum machine stand close to our show the audience was also able to compare it to the old manual production process and enjoy seeing it demonstrated to them as an exciting excursus.