Seydelmann cutter knives chop diverse materials effortlessly and are excellently suited e.g. for the production of the best boiled, dry and cooked sausage. As with the rest of the machine, the cutter knives also meet the highest quality standards.

Standard knife system

Information about the standard knife system

Effective universal knives are available in the standard knife system for boiled, cooked and dry sausage (E), as well as special knives for extremely fine boiled sausage emulsion and rind emulsions (K) or for the production of dry sausage (B).


It is easy to replace and balance the knives. The knives can be used in any number and configuration. Alternatively,

the knife head can be replaced completely, without the individual knives needing to be removed.


The knives also operate without vibrations at extremely high speeds.

Knife system O

Information about knife system O

The O type knives can be replaced even faster and easier: Two knives are inserted at one level in the knife head in the clamping set and form a pair of knives. Because the centrifugal forces cancel each other out, this design has the highest level of smooth running.
Alternatively, the knives are configured in the entry clamping set so that a spacer ring with a dummy disc always separates the individual knives from one another. This configuration guarantees optimum entry into the cutting space.

Knife system S 24

Information about knife system S 24

The innovative S 24 cutter knife system guarantees the best cutting results and the highest level of safety and smooth running with simplified handling.


S 24 completely does without parts such as bolts and screws. Instead of clamping sets, a toothed profile sleeve and basic spacer rings are combined on the knife head. The installation time for a set of eight is normally less than five minutes, even with the largest industrial cutters, such as the K 1004 AC-8.


The toothing on the knife head and knives prevents the knives tipping over during assembly or 

loosening unintentionally.


The risk of injury is reduced to a minimum. The self-explanatory marking system ensures that each knife is attached at the correct point.


To avoid corrosion and dampen knife vibrations, plastic spacer rings can be used. Because the knives are always mounted in pairs on the profile sleeve, they form a knife level. The centrifugal forces cancel each other out, so that the S 24 knife system has the highest level of smooth running. Balancing of clamping sets is virtually unnecessary.

Knife trolleys


Information about knife trolleys


Knives trolley


Size-adjustable knife holders