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 New video: Automatic Grinder AE 130/3





New video: Production with AW 300 U and MRU 1800




New video: Industrial Cutter K 1004 AC-8





Automatic Grinder AD 114 and High Efficiency Cutter K 60 AC-8

The 2-speed conic feeding worm of the AD 114 transports the material to the 2-speed working worm for gentle processing. The K 60 AC-8 with 6 speeds forwards and 2 mixing speeds backwards reliably cuts and mixes and always gets the best out of every material.





Automatic Grinder AU 200, Mixer MR 1800 and Emulsifier KK 140 AC-6

Production of boiled sausage “Fleischwurst” with Atomatic Grinder AU 200, Mixer MR 1800 and Konti-Kutter KK 140 AC-6. The conical feeding worm of the AU 200 safely transports the material to the strong working worm producing a very clear cut. MR 1800 gently mixes the ground meat with other ingredients like ice and spices and feeds the mix to the KK 140 AC-6. KK 140 AC-6 emulsifies the mixture to a fine and absolutely homogeneous emulsion.




Mixer-Grinder AMR 2500

The AMR 2500 is perfectly suited for processing high capacities of minced meat, varieties of dry sausage, breakfast sausages, hamburger products etc. It has a long feeding worm in the middle of the hopper bottom, between the mixing axles, which is positioned parallel above the working worm. This ensures fast emptying to the grinder outlet.





Vacuum-/Cooking-Cutter K 604 AC-8

The Vacuum-/Cooking-Cutter K 604 AC-8 with up to 8 extremely fast knives is a versatile high-performance machine, designed to process various kinds of materials. Its vacuum function allows the extraction of high amounts of meat protein and extends the shelf-life of the final product.





Universal Grinder AU 200 U

The Universal Grinder AU 200 U easily grinds fresh materials and frozen blocks down to -25 °C (-13 °F) without changing the working worm or the cutting set. A smooth and gentle operation and a clear cut are achieved with any source material.





Automatic Mixing Grinder AU 200 M

The Automatic Mixing Grinder AU 200 M is a grinder with a mixing device in the hopper above the feeding worm. Up to 14 t/h of meat can be mixed and minced in the AU 200 M in one working step.





Automatic Grinder AD 114

The Automatic Grinder AD 114 with a 100 l content has a strong working worm and a wide conical feeding worm. The feeding worm transports the material safely and gently to the working worm. Up to 25 kg can be mixed in the hopper because the feeding worm is equipped with a backwards gear.