Production Lines

Production Lines

Seydelmann machines can be combined into customized (semi-)automated complete solutions or they can be integrated into existing production processes. In Seydelmann Production Lines, all production steps are performed in the highest quality and efficiency.


Automated production enables significantly higher hourly throughputs and constant product quality with minimal use of energy and personnel. Additional advantages are improved hygiene, fewer sources of errors and gap-free quality

assurance and traceability through data recording.


The Seydelmann Production Lines are used in all areas of food processing, e.g. with the production of meat, cheese and vegetable products, as well as soups, sauces and confectionery. Each Line is planned, manufactured and developed in accordance with the individual requirements of the user. Upon request, Seydelmann employees will support the entire planning of production automation with competent, comprehensive advisory.

Production Lines for minced meat products, hamburger and dry sausage


Inclined conveyor belt with feed table, Universal Grinder AU 200 U, pivotable worm screw conveyor and Mixer-Grinder MRU 1800 with cooling function and a hydraulic lid


Universal Grinder AW 300 U with loading device for large containers, worm screw conveyor, two Mixers MR 2500 with cross conveyor belts and weighing device, worm screw conveyor with pivotable outlet and two Final Grinders MU 200

Production Lines for boiled sausage and other emulsions

BU: Mischer-Wolf MRU 1300 mit Kühlung, Gefrierfleischwolf GW 300 mit Steilförderband, Schneckenförderer und Vakuum-Kutter K 754 AC-8 mit Zuführspeicher

Mixer-Grinder MRU 1300 with cooling function, Frozen Meat Grinder GW 300 with inclined conveyor belt, screw conveyor and Vacuum-Cutter K 754 AC-8 with supplying hopper

Automatenwolf AG 160, Gefrierfleischwolf GW 300, Schneckenförderer, zwei Mischer MR 1800, Speichertrichter mit Pumpe und Rohrleitung, Konti-Kutter KK 250 AC-6 und Vakuum-Mischer VMR 3500 mit Beladevorrichtung für Großbehälter

Automatic Grinder AG 160, Frozen Meat Grinder GW 300, screw conveyor, two Mixers MR 1800, storage hopper with pump and pipeline, Konti-Kutter KK 250 AC-6 and Vacuum-Mixer VMR 3500 with loading device for large containers


Inclined conveyor belt with feed table, Frozen Meat Grinder GX 400, pivotable screw conveyor, two Mixers MR 3500 with vertical loading device, conveyor belt and Konti-Kutter KK 250 AC-6

Production Line for cooked sausage and pâté

Kochmischer MR 700 mit Mastbeschickung, Trichter mit Pumpe, Zuführspeicher, Vakuum-Koch-Kutter K 1004 AC-8 und Trichter mit Pumpe

Cooking-Mixer MR 700 with vertical loading device, hopper with pump, supplying hopper, Vacuum-Cooking-Cutter K 1004 AC-8 and hopper with pump

Control of the Production Lines: Central control terminal

The central control terminal ensures the best possible interaction between individual machines in the production line. The Windows-based system control unit is the central interface, from which all machines and their supplemental functions are controlled. All information about individual production steps run together here and are processed further. Production can take place according to stored recipes and fixed, pre-defined values.


As all of the functions, such as the revolutions, vacuum values, gas-flushing, speed of the conveyors and the fat analysis can

be monitored and controlled by one person with the central control terminal, personnel costs and potential sources of error are reduced to a minimum. The terminal can be linked with upstream or downstream production steps or it can be integrated into the company network/ERP system of the company.


Due to the possibility of linking a second work station, the entire production can also be monitored outside of the production premises.

Zentrales Bedienpult mit Auto-Command 4000

Central control panel with Auto-Command 4000