Butchery Grinders


Butchery Grinders (114 – 130 mm hole plate diameter)

Seydelmann butchery Grinders guarantee a clear and clean cut with every hole plate size. The entire machine is essentially made of stainless steel. A special material in the worm housing largely prevents mechanical wear of the worm. 

The trapezoidal thread in the worm housing stands up to the hardest demands.

Due to their high-quality workmanship, the machines are very easy to clean and they fulfill the highest hygiene standards.

Standard Grinders

Information about Standard Grinders

The working worm of the Standard Grinder for butchery use has a strong, two-speed drive. The first speed is suitable for processing fresh meat and frozen food. The second speed is used for
processing cooked food, liver, spinach, etc. The special design of the hand protection ensure quick and easy feeding of even large pieces of meat, as well as good accessibility for cleaning.


Automatic Grinders 

Information about Automatic Grinders

The Automatic Grinders for butchery use by Seydelmann have a mixing capacity of 25 – 35 kg, depending on the model.


In addition to a powerful two-speed work screw, they are equipped with a conical feeding worm. To achieve the best possible cut with each material, the speeds of both worms

can be switched separately from one another. 


The conical feed worm with a diameter of 230 – 270 mm also holds large pieces of meat and conveys them safely to the work worm without forming bridges.

The protective grill with a switch-off contact makes it impossible to reach into the running work worm.

Video AD 114


Video AD 114 with K 60 AC-8

Mixing Grinders

Information about Mixing Grinders

The hopper capacity for the Mixing Grinders for butchery use is between 70 and 170 l. Their mixing unit is equipped with two strong arms or optionally with paddles. 50 – 100 kg can be mixed in the mixing unit with the worm switched off, depending on the model. If the worm is switched on,
the mixing unit functions as an automatic feeder. With the short-term reverse mode of the work worm, the smallest quantities of mixing product can always be fed to the mixing unit, so that absolutely even mixing is ensured.

Automatic Mixing Grinders