Knife sets in Grinders

Seydelmann offers the optimum knife set for every starting material and application. With the robust and low-wear knife sets of the Seydelmann Grinders, a consistently clear cut is achieved with hard, frozen and tough material, as well as with fresh meat and cooked meat. Depending on the capacity and the desired result, a different number of knife sets and hole plates, as well as various hole diameters, can be used for fine or more coarse grinding.

The standard knife sets for minced meat are three-piece or five-piece. They are comprised of a pre-cutter, as well as one or two knives and one or two hole plates. The knives and hole plates (with declining hole sizes towards the grinder outlet) are configured alternately to one another. Depending on the starting material, the pre-cutter can be omitted (e.g. with specific types of cooked sausage, in cheese processing or hamburger production) or spacer rings (e.g. with frozen meat) and additional knives can be added.

Re-cutting knife

The optionally available re-cutting knife, which is placed directly after the last hole plate on the grinder outlet, helps to increase the quality of dry sausage, inclusion meat and bratwurst, for example.


It re-cuts meat that comes out of the knife set in strands or threads, thereby ensuring a uniform grain size.


Re-cutting knife

Separating set

The separating set improves the quality of the ground meat by one to two quality levels, by already separating out the majority of hard parts and sinews contained in the meat during grinding. Furthermore, the production efficiency is increased significantly, because manual deboning is omitted and blockage of the knife set is ruled out, as the hard parts can be cleared away and separated. This saves time and increases the general throughput of the machine.

When using the separating set, the pneumatic separating device ensures even more exact and precise control of the separation and removal of sinews and gristles. Using a ball valve, it precisely controls the desired throughput, which leads to an even better separation result. The transparent separating hose allows continuous control of the quality of the output product.


Separating knife set for Butchery Grinders


Separating knife set for Industrial Grinders