Tradition and innovation since 1843: Our history



Der Gründer der Maschinenfabrik Seydelmann: Andreas Seydelmann

The founder of Maschinenfabrik Seydelmann: Andreas Seydelmann


A metal workshop in Aalen

The success story of Maschinenfabrik Seydelmann starts more than 170 years ago in Aalen. In 1843, the company’s founder, Andreas Seydelmann, opens a metal workshop there, where he builds various machines and machine systems for his customers, including steam engines, water pumps for fire fighting, air pumps and water pumps.  











In front of the factory: Louis Seydelmann (fourth from the right) Louis the younger (far right)


Seydelmann relocates

Louis Seydelmann takes over his father’s business and relocates the company from the center of Aalen to the outskirts. The good relationship with butchers from Aalen and the surrounding area, which developed due to the close vicinity of the first operating premises to the slaughterhouse, is also maintained after the relocation.








Umstellung und Spezialisierung auf die Einrichtung ganzer Metzgereibetriebe 1928

Historic meat chopping machine


The meat chopping machine

The butchers ask Louis Seydelmann to build a machine that chops meat for sausage production. The stationary water-powered meat chopping machine rapidly establishes itself: The majority of the butchers from the region now bring their meat to Seydelmann to have it chopped. The major success of this first meat chopping machine lays the foundation for the food processing machinery business division. 










Fertigung einer Kutterschüssel

Production of a cutter bowl


Revolutionary cutting speeds

As a mechanical engineer, Louis Seydelmann the Younger combines the experience of his ancestors with the latest technological findings. He builds some of the first transmission-driven cutters and grinders. The meat chopping technology with chopping blocks, which is the standard at that time, only allows a few cuts per minute. Therefore, the Seydelmann cutter is revolutionary, as it was capable of performing 800 rotations per minute.







Messe Straßburg 1960

Strasbourg Exhibition 1960


Concentration on cutters and grinders

In addition to machines for butcher shops, prior to the Second World War, Seydelmann produces shopfitting and slaughterhouse fittings, as well as various machine tools, among other things. When supplying the population with food becomes a priority after the end of the war, the company concentrates on the production of cutters and grinders. Under the management of the brothers, Horst and Ludwig Seydelmann, the expansion starts into a global company.



Ladenbau mit Schwung

Shopfitting – functional interior design of butcheries by Seydelmann


Shopfitting of butcheries

Seydelmann successfully designs the functional interior of numerous butcheries. The translation of a state-of-the-art technique into creative design appeals to many.











Kutter und Wolf

Cutter and grinder


Seydelmann, fast and long-lasting

The RASANT cutter is the world’s first high-speed multi-speed cutter. Furthermore, stainless steel is used for the cutter cover for the first time, which rapidly establishes itself worldwide.









Hydraulische Beladevorrichtung in der Praxis

Hydraulic loading device in practice


Physical relief for the operator

Seydelmann machines are equipped with hydraulic loading devices.





















Vorführung eines 120l-Kutters im Vorführwagen in Hanau

Demonstration of a 120 l cutter in the demonstration vehicle in Hanau


Robust, long-lasting and hygienic

Seydelmann puts its pioneering role to the test again by introducing the first cutter made from solid stainless steel.












Industrial cutter



The first cutters are built with mixing speeds and ensure considerable ease of work and rationalization. 












Industrial cutter


The biggest cutter and a mixer-grinder

Design of the world’s largest cutter at that time, with a 750 l bowl capacity on behalf of a Canadian customer. In the same year, the mixer-grinder is specifically developed for hamburger production for the US market. These innovations are so convincing that the entire large series is delivered overseas.















Versuche am Wolf

Tests on the grinder

Gelände Standort Aalen

Premises at Aalen site


Separating set for improved meat quality

The market launch of the patented separating sets provides considerable ease of work and time savings with the processing of meat containing sinew. With an innovative technique, the special cutting set sorts out gristle and sinew in the meat during the grinding process and significantly improves the meat quality.































K 754 Vakuum-Kutter

K 754 vacuum cutter


Vacuum cutters

The latest findings in meat technology lead to the development of the vacuum cutter. The brilliant design of the Seydelmann vacuum cutter is patent-protected worldwide.










K 64 Vakuum- und Kochkutter

Vacuum-Cooking-Cutter K 64


Cutters with a cooking function

Seydelmann launches the first cooking cutter on the market and allows considerable time savings through cutting and cooking in the same work process.
















Transport des weltweit größten Kutters K 1200

Transport of the world’s largest cutter K 1200

K 1200-Kutter in der Fertigung

K 1200 cutter in production



1200 l bowl capacity

Seydelmann produces the world’s largest cutter to date, with a bowl capacity of 1200 l. The gigantic bowl volume and a previously unachieved degree of automation make the machine into an absolute superlative in mechanical engineering for food processing. 























Gefrierfleischwolf GW 300

Frozen Meat Grinder GW 300


Grind frozen meat effortlessly

With the installed torque converter, the new Frozen Meat Grinder GW 300 stands up even to the hardest demands.












Massiv rostfreier Maschinenständer

Solid stainless steel machine frame


New benchmark set for robustness and hygiene

All Seydelmann cutters from this point forward are equipped with a solid, stainless steel machine frame.









Vakuum-Mischer VMR 1000

Vacuum Mixer VMR 1000


Vacuum mixing

For the first time, Seydelmann presents Vacuum Mixers with 600 to 3500 l hopper capacity.















Vakuum-Kutter K 324 AC-8

Vacuum Cutter K 324 AC-8


Cutter generation AC-8

Seydelmann launches the first cutters on the market with frequency-controlled, continuous drives. The new maintenance-free generation of cutters stands for the highest knife speeds, diverse applications and low power consumption.








Produktionslinie: Universalwolf AW 300 U, zwei Mischer MR 2500 und zwei Endwölfe MU 200

Production line: Universal Grinder AW 300 U, two Mixers MR 2500 and two Final Grinders MU 200


Increased efficiency on production lines

Individual machines are combined with conveyor systems. Users profit from higher hourly output, lower energy requirement, consistent product quality, reduced personnel expense, higher quality assurance, less space requirement, fewer sources of errors and improved hygiene.

In the same year, the emulsifier, Konti-Kutter KK 250 AC-6, is launched on the market.





Auto-Command 4000

Auto-Command 4000



Presentation of new control units for fully-automated machine operation.















Luftaufnahme 2002

Air intake 2002



Acquisition of more than 8500 m² of additional land for the planned expansion of our premises.











Weltpremiere des größten Vakuum-Koch-Kutters K 1004

World premier of the world’s largest Vacuum-Cooking-Cutter K 1004 AC-8


Pressing ahead with innovation

At the IFFA 2013, Seydelmann presents the K 1004 AC-8, the world’s largest Vacuum-Cooking-Cutter with a bowl capacity of 1000 l. Other innovations are the Universal Grinder AU 200 U, which simultaneously chops fresh meat and blocks of frozen meat with temperatures down to –25 °C and the Mixer-Grinder AMR 2500, with innovative worm positioning for extremely quick emptying.














Weltweiter Transport

Worldwide transport


Extraordninary quality and innovation

Currently, Seydelmann is being led by the fifth and sixth generation of the founding family, by the general partners, Peter and Matthias Seydelmann. Peter Seydelmann’s son, Andreas, has been managing the Aalen factory since 2010.


The Seydelmann name now stands for outstanding quality and innovation worldwide in German mechanical engineering.







Ground-breaking ceremony, Aalen

Ground-breaking ceremony, Aalen


Expanding Production Space

At the ground-breaking ceremony on June 03, 2016 the beginning of the building measures for the new turnery at the production site in Aalen kicks off. The new building including 33 new processing machines is expected to be completed early in 2017.


Seydelmann Konti-Kutter KK 254 AC-6

Seydelmann sur la IFFA 2016

Seydelmann at the IFFA 2016

IFFA Innovations 2016

At the IFFA 2016 Seydelmann will be presenting more than 50 machines and 3 production lines at their largest stand so far in an area larger than 1,000 m².

The highlights are the new KK 254 AC-6, an emulsifier, equipped with a multi-stage vacuum system at the hopper, pump and cutting set for high quality, improved resource efficiency and increased durability of the product.

Next up is our mixer grinder Type AMR 1800. This machine is capable of producing high tonnages of minced meat and minced meat products with very clear cross sections.

Another innovation is our universal grinder AV 250 U, a larger version of our popular AU 200U, which can  process  both fresh meat as well as frozen meat blocks up to -25°C with the same working worm and cutting set.

The new version of the table cutter K 20 has been perfected for the use in test kitchens and laboratories.

Our two-stage separating set  is even better at sorting out hard particles, gristle and tendons now. Similar to how most common cutting sets do it the hard particles are carried into the cutting set center first and then sorted again in a second cutting set.

Another way to efficiently sort out hard and foreign particles, especially when it comes to cheese, fruits, vegetables, fish and tofu, is our newly developed Seydelmann separation drum. The material gets pushed through conical holes, hard and foreign particles get removed during this process. All this is done without any wearing parts which helps reduce working costs.

In case of a low room height we now offer the possibility to use sliding lids for Seydelmann mixers. They save space and are available in many specifications for maximum customisability.